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Rugs offers clients all over Ireland the highest standard quality rugs. We carefully source our rugs from some of the world’s best manufacturers. Moreover, our extensive range means we have the correct type of rug for any home or business. From entirely traditional rugs to much more modern designs for the contemporary home, our rugs both celebrate the history of rug design while embracing the future of interior design.
We have rugs for sale at various prices, meaning no matter your budget, will have the right rug for you. Our suite of designer rugs shows off some genuinely memorable designs. These designs blend minimalism with contemporary design sensibilities. These designer rugs are in stark contrast to our range of traditional rugs that use classic designs and classic shapes.

Review our range of kitchen rugs, runner rugs and living room rugs on our shop page.

Rugs FAQ

  • Are all your rugs washable?

    No, not all our rugs are machine washable. Depending on the material used, some rugs will be dry clean only. We highly recommend checking the product description and the label on the actual rug.

  • Where should a rug be placed in a home?

    A rug can be placed just about anywhere in a home. We sell an extensive range of rugs perfect for living rooms, kitchens, hallways (Rug runners) and rugs for children’s rooms.

  • Can you place rugs over a carpet?

    Yes, rug and carpet layering is trendy in both living rooms and bedrooms. Rugs are sometimes used to help minimise the wear and tear on a carpet.