Guide For Selecting the Right Sized Rug

We get it; selecting a rug online can seem a little daunting. How do you know the colours are going to match your bedroom? How can you get a sense of how the rug feels underfoot when just looking at pictures? And finally, the most pressing question of all. How can you be sure the rug will fit in your living room?

These are all genuine concerns our online clients have. At the same time, you can undoubtedly pair colours by comparing the online pictures to the coloured furniture in your room. And you can get a sense of how the rug will feel by looking up what material the rug is made from in the product description. It is a little bit harder to select the right-sized rug. That’s why we want to advise our clients on how to choose the right-sized rug for their living space. We will discuss general rug size rules concerning a room’s size and the furniture within the room.


General Rug Size Rules




When purchasing a rug, a few rules of thumb should be followed. For a sitting room, the typical rug size you should consider is 8’x10’ and 9’x12’. The actual rug size should be based on the size of the sitting room sofa.

Therefore a rug should be at most 8” wider than your sofa or at least 6” wider than the sofa. The run length of the rug should be the length of the couch.

Also, concerning the large furniture in the living room, there should be 30” to 36” of walkway between the furniture and the rug.

By sticking to the above rules, you can get the right-sized rug.

Still not sure about the size. Here’s a tip. Use masking tape to measure the rug size within your living room. This will give you a clear idea of how the rug will look in your furniture room.


Still not sure what rug size is suitable for your living room. Contact our team today, and we can advise you to ensure you get the right rug size for your needs. When you need Rugs in Ireland, contact our expert today.


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